1. If I come with a big group, will I get a discount?
  2. A group of four or more will be eligible for an additional discount. Please contact us for more information at [email protected]

  3. When should I pay for the course?
  4. The registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please send a 50% deposit to secure your seat. Registration is often full several months before the course date.

  5. What should I do if I want to cancel my registration? Will I get a refund?
    You have two options.
  6. Option 1. Defer until the next available session for once only if cancellation is requested 2 months before the course date.
    Option 2. Receive funds after deducting 10% off the registration fees if cancellation is requested 2 months before the course date or 30% if within 2 month's time.

  7. Do you accept credit card? Paypal? Cash?
  8. We only accept international wire transfer and cash payment. No credit card or Paypal service available at this moment.

  9. What do I need to bring with me to the courses?
  10. No special equipment is required for the clinical course. You may want to wear comfortable shoes for clinical observation.
    A Mac laptop installed with the latest Keynote software is required for the Advanced Keynote workshop. There will be a limited number of Mac laptops for loans for Basic Keynote workshop participants ONLY upon advanced requests.

  11. What is the charge if I want to stay in a single room? what’s the charges for additional stay?
  12. If one chooses to stay alone during the workshop period, the charges will be USD60 per night.
    If one wishes to arrive early or check out later, the extra charges outside of the workshop period, are USD120 per night.
    For example, if one arrives one day before the workshop and stays alone in the room, then one needs to pay USD120 and USD 60 x2.

  13. What’s the charges if I bring my family with me?
  14. Additional charges of 60USD per person per day, or 120USD per extra room per day, will be incurred. The actual amount charged may vary. Please contact us at [email protected] for any specific requests.

  15. What’s the difference between the Basic Keynote Workshop and Advanced Keynote workshop? Why do I need to learn Keynote?
  16. The IT platform we use in our clinic as well as our training center is Mac. We can't learn it on a PC or iPad. For the keynote workshop you can borrow ours for practice. If you decide to adopt this system in your own clinic, you can purchase one when you return to your country. However, we have limited numbers of units available for rental upon request.
    The Advanced Keynote workshop is conducted once a year in winter by Dr. Rungsi who is a worldly renowned orthodontist and lecturer. His advanced Keynote workshop focuses on advanced application of animation and illustration composition in Keynote. Participants are required to bring their own Mac laptop. No rentals will be available for this advanced class.

  17. How can I apply for a Taiwanese visa?
  18. Please contact the Taiwanese business and cultural office in your country and find out if you need an invitation letter. For more information on specific countries, please visit http://www.boca.gov.tw/np.asp?ctNode=776&mp=2.

  19. How do I get to the hotel or course venue from the airport?
  20. Airport pickup can be reserved if requested in advance. A taxi from the airport to Hsinchu usually costs NTD1200(USD40). Doctors should pay directly to the driver in NT cash.

  21. What’s the nearest airport?
  22. The nearest airport is TPE, also known as CKS int’l airport. It is located about one hour away from our center in Hsinchu city.

  23. Where can I visit before or after the courses?
  24. One can choose to go toTaipei after the course. You can take a 30-min express train or hire a mini van (70 mins) to go to Taipei for a little sightseeing and shopping.
    Hotel recommendations:

    For tour information, you can download some sample packaged tours.

  25. Where is the course venue?
  26. The lectures will be held in our education center, Newton’s A; the chair-side observation will take place in our orthodontic clinic, Beethoven Orthodontic Center.
    The distance between the two places is only a 5-minute walk.
    There will be daily free transportation provided from the hotel to course venues.