OBS is a powerful tool for each & every case. Vertical Incision Subperioteal Tunnel Access, it’s the best approach for labial impacted and transpositioned canine. We all get valuable knowledge about OBS & Vista technique. Really appreciate Chris & his teams for the support & hospitality.

Dr. Kaung Myint Myat, Myanmar

The entire course was run very well. Thoroughly organised, and I learned a lot from the start of the course, right through to the Introductory Keynote Workshop. This is definitely the course to learn and place TADs as a routine part of orthodontics.

All the staff were also excellent in their support, especially Mrs. Chang, Bella, and Chester. Couldn't have been happier with the course that I had attended.

Dr. Brad Chou, Australia

I took a very long flight from the other side of the world to come here and it was worth every mile.

I’ve been listening to Chris Chang’s teaching about OBS, VISTA and Damon for the last 4 years and also using his mini screws. However, being at his workshop has been crucial for me to improve my protocols and treatment plans.

Sitting observation, Pig jaw mini screws insertion and even banana suture practice were the perfect ways to clear all my doubts about extra radicular placement of mini screws.

I strongly recommend this course to all orthodontists in the world whom would like to provide easy, effective and a different way of treatment to their patients. I am very grateful to Chris, Shufen, Bella and all staff for giving me the opportunity to have this experience. God Bless you!

Dr. Alberto Diaz Arellano, Peru

Dr. Chris is very talented as a speaker, really simplify the way to learn. Very professional slides and photographs, the keynote is amazing. It was very good. Some students are very avid to see interfering with others, but it was plenty of opportunity to see. Great hands on component with the TADs, wire bending and pigs.

Dr. Rita Rockliff, Australia

Hands-on surgery was great and procedures were well taught and practiced,organisation of the course was spot on, Keynote was more than I expected! We all got a chance to look and learn and great idea to divide us into two groups. Easier to learn. Loved to see the clinic in real life process, chris was impressively patient and generous to listen to our endless question. Thanks for a great time, the Newton’s A team are superb! Very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. Keynote presenters were amazing. You are a wonderful team, keep up the good work. Chris, you not only made this course educational, you really made it lots of fun and great memories were easily created.

Thanks for everything looking forward for more.

Dr. Sandy Ghattas, Australia

The results of the shown cases impressed me the most. The treatment plans with the miniscrews open a new range of possibilities and make the treatments more predictable. Thanks alot for this wonderful course and perfect organisation! I will recommend it to everybody! Chris, you and your whole Team were really impressive! You are always invited to visit me in Innsbruck/Austria.

Dr. Andreas Buchner, Germany/Austriaa

The lectures were very informative! The chair-side observation was great to watch! I learned a lot! Staff were all extremely helpful and lovely, thank you. Chris is such an inspiration, great host, thank you! I'm very grateful for the opportunity.

Dr. Amanda Ho, Australia

The course overall was very informative and well organized. The lectures were interesting and Dr. Chris made it humorous as well. A great experience for anyone practicing the Damon System and wanting to get more out of the appliance.

Excellent clinical tips given by Dr. Chang and his young associates throughout the chair side observations made it very interesting and educational. Split into two groups, both teams were able to get a good view of all the clinical procedures.

Dr. Sam Thomas, India

It’s no small effort to leave one’s home and workplace and travel almost halfway across the globe for a hands-on seminar such as yours but when the feeling is that you have something to take back to your practice and utilise it to improve the orthodontic service one provides, especially as experienced practitioners, the overall result is a win win for both the orthodontist and his staff and the patients.

Your hospitality and the service from your staff was superb and I would to like to thank you both for myself and for all the participating members of our study group.

"So enjoy every day because every day is a bonus"

Dr. Karl Yorke, Israel

I’m very impressed with treatment observation because I can see how Dr. Chris Chang manages his patient chair-sided.

Dr. Won-Gun Chang, South Korea

Other than Chris' huge wealth of knowledge and impeccable presentation of cases, I found the hands-on clinical component most useful and enjoyable. I enjoyed putting into practice the concepts and techniques discussed. I would have liked more time practice placing TADS and perhaps case discussions. I also enjoyed reviewing a couple of the cases that we had seen in clinic for eg. the tricky canine exposure cases. I also thought the refresher coarsen suturing was helpful and loved the idea of practicing on bananas! Dr. Chang and Dr. Lin are both exceptional speakers and I found them both engaging and interesting to listen to. I also found the staff at the clinics and Newton’s A to be very friendly and helpful. I often felt that we were in the way of the assistant's but they were always so polite and friendly. It was also great being able to socialize with them at the dinners after each day.

Dr. Sara Stockham, Australia

Chair side was very impressive, the opportunity to observe Dr. Chang placing live the mini screws to me it was the most important part of these three days. The chair-side observation was the most interesting part since this is what I was trying to gain from this course to improve my technique which I was using for the last couple of years in my office.

Dr. Kareem Akleh, Greece

I don't know of any other mini-implant course in the world where one can experience what Dr. Chris Chang's course has to offer. The most impressive part of the course was the clinical part where we were able to observe Dr. Chang place with ease so many mini-implants. But then we had the handson part of the course where we learned to do different techniques. Each person had his own animal head surrounded by a very efficient and capable team of assistants and orthodontists.

Dr. Chang once said that to be able to place a mini-implant, one had to observe at least 30 pieces being placed. Well during this course, I witnessed Dr. Chang placing so many that I stopped counting after 60. But there were surely more placed after that. His clinical team and staff were so organized that their support made it possible for each member in our group to be able to observe this with ease. An incredible learning experience!

Our accommodation was very comfortable and our meals were very good. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the only thing I could suggest to make this better is maybe add 1 day more for the clinical part. I wouldn't mind coming back and doing it again as it was a very good learning experience.

Dr. Amelia Fissore, Monaco


Dr. 徐菁, China

Lectures are amazing. Dr. Chang keep everything to simple. The presentations were beautiful. And I learn a lot of things. Everything well organized. The concepts were very well explained.

Dr. Pedro Nuno Costa Monteiro, Portugal

I enjoyed the content of the lectures, the clinical observation, and the hands on simulation exercises. No one in the world of orthodontics is doing what Drs. Chang and Lin are doing! Excellent. Observing Dr. Chang providing hands-on patient care, and being able to ask questions and discuss treatment options and protocols really tied together everything that I had heard in Dr. Chang’s lectures and what I had read in his journals and textbooks.

Dr. Mark Lenz (Center right), USA

Chris' OBS lectures, his treatment of some very difficult cases non-surgically is very inspiring. The clinic patient workflow and Keynote is also very efficient and simple, certainly something to incorporate into our practice.

Dr. Guan Go, Australia

It was indeed a wonderful experience to learn from Dr.Chris. I would highly recommend this course to everyone. Truely the best course I have ever attended. A big thanks to Dr. Chris, his wife and also his wonderful team for the amazing hospitality.

Dr. Urumese Mampilly, Dubai

The best course to learn how to deal with severe class III cases and impacted canines, using miniscrews and VISTA! An unforgettable experience!

Dr. Marina Praetere, Portugal

About the chair side observation, it was an unparalleled experience. Dr. Chang’s knowledge and creativity are astonishingly vast and makes a huge difference in the orthodontic practice. He is a great orthodontist and I feel lucky for having this amazing experience.

José Roberto Pereira, Canada

It was indeed a pleasure to see the master at work and exciting to learn how meticulously things are planned and arranged to make him say "it's easy”. OBS, the VISTA technique and the Keynote workshop, all and all was an wholesome experience and I would definitely recommend this course to my friends who would like to look at things from a different perspective.

Dr. Sunish T Daniel, Dubai

Everything throughout the workshop was perfect and beyond expectations. Dr. Chris shared his knowledges in details and made the difficult cases look simple. The efficiency of his team who work in perfect harmony in clinic was amazing! I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to my colleagues. If you ever wanted to take the course, do not hesitate to do it!

Dr. Lee Hye Jin Serena, Argentina

When his non surgical approach for extreme borderline cases demonstrates success in adults, it is time for a paradigm shift. His genius is beyond his time, and any orthodontic post-graduation course must incorporate his treatment strategy. Something is only impossible until someone else proves otherwise, said Albert Einstein; in modern days orthodontics that someone else has a name, Chris Chang.

Prof. Dr. Paulo Fernandes Retto
Lisbon, Portugal

I have followed Dr. Chris Chang’s lectured on the use of OrthoBoneScrews around the world. I learned a great deal from the lectures and workshops. The insight into Dr. Chang's personal views and his philosophies of life and work was truly inspirational. I am grateful for the chance to apply what I have learned to my patients and hope to achieve a whole new level of treatment for them.

Joanna Lim, Singapore

An amazing experience from such a very smart orthodontist. Dr. Rungsi was able to teach us in a very simple, easy & quick way how to be able to use keynote in a very professional way. Amazing presentations, skills & knowledge. A must do for anyone who's practicing orthodontics. Looking forward to come again. Stay hungry, stay foolish! :)

Amr ElDaly, Australia

Attending Beethoven international workshop has been an excellent way of learning and performing complex treatments with simple and effective mechanics. Your way of transmitting knowledge is very professional, high-tech, and it’s very easy to learn. There were no secrets. It is the best workshop in the world, and I will never forget such wonderful experiences in Taiwan.

Dr. Alejandro Ramírez
Clínica Ramírez, Canary Islands

It is a great pleasure to be one of the participants in this valuable workshop. This workshop has been very interesting, very useful, very practical and very well-done. I enjoyed every part of the workshop. What I learned during this workshop did make a difference in the way I did my job and the way I can improve my practice in the future. I strongly recommend future Orthodontists to attend this workshop!

Dr.Ashwaq Abdulghafar
M-Orth resident dentist, Bahrain

Simply amazing! Even though I had been travelling for nearly two days, it was very brilliant to meet Dr. Chris and his team. His concepts of creativity and simplicity in orthodontic practice are what I have never seen before. It was a unique experience that I will surely put into my office´s routinely practice.

Fábio Michelletti, Brazil

Dr. Chris's lecture was engaging and entertaining and I find myself completely rapt in attention. His knowledge of orthodontics is unparalleled. I am truly amazed by how he makes the most difficult concept so easy to understand. All in all a world class workshop!

Seet Ai Ling

I have been privileged to know a wonderful mentor who was prepared to share his knowledge and experience unconditionally. It also helps when the participants are highly qualified and motivated individual dentists and dental specialists of different disciplines from Australia, Brazil, Italy, Malaysia and Mexico.

Datin Dr. Kamsiah Gulam Haider
Kuala Lumpur

I strongly feel that Dr. Chang's orthodontic treatment strategy should be in the core curriculum of any orthodontic residency. Anybody who wants to be a top-tiered orthodontist MUST incorporate Dr. Chris Chang's technique into his/her practice.

Dr. Robert Chen

I want to thank Dr. Chang, his wife and the wonderful staff at the clinic and the people at Newton’s A for taking such a good care of us. The course is a must in every orthodontist office.

Dr. David Nissan

I have been teaching and giving lectures for 20 years, and yet was still very much impressed by Dr. Chang's professional, easy way to transfer knowledge and clinical procedures, supported by the most high-quality and technological standards.

Ricardo Medellin F. DDS.MS
Professor Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

I highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues all over the world. If it is within your reach, do not miss out on this rewarding opportunity. I went back home with satisfaction, showered with such good experiences for the people we have met and the knowledge we have received.

Alexia Patiño Lugo
Orthodontist Universidad latinoamericana - México

It‘s a course of excellence that I recommend 100% to all my colleagues who want to learn in Taiwán. I will always be grateful for the kindness and attention received.

Dr. Jhonson Galo Viteri Zurita
Facilitador Sistema Damon Ecuador

The visit to Beethoven and Newton’s A center of this time was really an eye-opening experience for me in many ways.  Among others, what impressed me most was the attitude of staff members working so vividly knowing what they were expected to do. Of course. it must be the consequence of a superb office management system.  A lot of time and effort must have been poured to establish the current status, which is well rewarded.  Being inspired by the visit to Hsinchu, I have come back to my office with several new ideas to improve my own office system. [...]

Dr. Tomio Ikegami, Japan
the President of the Japan MEAW Technique and Research Foundation

I met this crazy doctor ( Dr. Chris Chang ) in Taiwan this June. Why did I call him a crazy doctor ? Because he placed 47 OrthoBoneScrews and treated 140 patients in 2 periods of clinical time, which was about 7 hours altogether. That job surprised me! In this workshop I learn about what he thinks and how he manages the people surround him. If you want to see or learn a different way for your practice, go to Newton 's A and the Beethoven clinic. [...]

Dr. Q (Pornchai), Thailand
Visiting professor, Prince of Songkla University
Faculty of Dentistry

As a properly trained dentist in the field of implantology, I found it very difficult to be convinced that miniscrews can work as anchorage successfully as what have been presented by many famous speakers. I read Dr. John Lin’s textbook over and over and was still not convinced until I attended this course. After observing Dr. Chris Chang’s work closely and carefully in the past few days, case after case of OBS insertion and seeing direct responses from patients, I now am fully convinced that OBS is indeed a good way to prepare anchorage for certain cases in Orthodontics.

Dr. Hu Chang Lek, Malaysia

Thank you, Dr. Chris and your staff for your excellent course at Newton’s A and Beethoven Clinic. You shared with us so many experiences not only in orthodontics but also in how to enjoy life and keep your passion forever burning. I feel much more confident and enthusiastic in my choice and hope to continue working with you.

Dr. Minh Phoung Nguyen, Vietnam

This is an advanced course in orthodontic bone screw application. For those who want to upright molars and move transposed canines into their ideal position or who want to visit a highly productive and efficient clinic, this is the first choice.

Dr. Chiong Weng Lee, Malaysia

It was truly a well organized and well taught course. All objectives were clearly met. In addition, the visit to the clinic and seeing the systems at work was priceless. A world class course.

Dr. Yap Yi Roon, Ronnie, Singapore
Orchard Scotts Dental Center for Advanced Dentistry

[...] At this seminar, Dr. Chang shared with the audience the numerous indications, the technique of placement and the results that can be achieve through Bone Screw placement. You realized that the use of Bone Screws adds an entirely “new” dimension to orthodontics. [...] During our clinical day at the Beethoven clinic, Dr. Chang placed numerous bone screws on multiple patients. You were able to witness the ease and quickness of his technique and I was impressed with his technique. One can readily learn this technique through his seminars and clinical demonstration. [...]

Errol Y.W. Yim Honolulu, Hawaii
the American Association of Orthodontists
the Pacific Society of Orthodontists
the American Dental Association

[...] My development as lecturer and orthodontist has evolved greatly, thanks to this great experience. I came back from Taipei with the best and latest technique knowledge, valuable and practical tools, including how to make successful presentations using the resources of MAC technology-rightly led by you in your country. I have also received invaluable and unparalleled academic material on the proper use, benefits and applications of the mini-implants. [...]

Patricia Vergara Villarreal
Orthodontist, the Military University.
CIEO. of Bogota
Teaching of graduate orthodontics at the University of Cartagena
Lecturer on orthodontic mini implants

[...] Chris, you're the kind of person that goes through the lives of others generating big changes. That is exactly what you did to me, by the inspiring passion you live with your life, your practice, and I would say, everything you do in your life.
I cannot express enough my most sincere thanks to your wonderful wife for her hospitality and generosity. I am very grateful to all of your staff for their willingness and dedication to the course.
For my part, I will pass on the knowledge I acquired in your workshop and serve as a great motivator for many of my colleagues to encourage them to attend this course. [...]

David Jimenez
Orthodontist, Colombia

My experience at the Beethoven workshop was mind-blowing. My world of Orthodontics has been opened wider with tons of cases which, I can confidently say, I wouldn't dare to treat without surgery. The word, beautiful, is just not sufficient to describe all of the cases I saw at the clinic, because they are all finished with such excellence. I believe that my experience here would benefit my patients more. [...]

Dr. Kanyarat Inntarakaew
Orthodontist, Thailand

I’m very grateful for all things I’ve taken from your International Damond & OBS Workshop in 2012. I have applied many things I learned from your lectures to my practice and it is the Vietnamese Children who are enjoying the benefits of my growth, shorter treatment time, more comfortable treatment and better results. [...]

Dr. Vu Hai Anh
Diamond Orthodontic Clinic, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

[...] the incredible opportunity to visit your clinic. Although there were merely five days, it represented a breakthrough for me in my career. Amongst the many things I have learned from you, the technically innovative use of the miniscrews, OBS, will help me achieve excellent clinical results. It was incredible to see complex cases being resolved as simply and efficiently as you did, based on intelligent planning. This experience was all very inspiring and would sure bring about positive changes in my clinical development. [...]

Dr. Rodrigo Alexandre Milani
Private Practice in São Paulo, Brasil

[...]I can only say that the Workshop exceeded my expectation and it was truly amazing. Lectures by the world class orthodontists (Dr. Chris Chang and Dr. John Lin), and wealth of knowledge from your many years of dedication, wisdom, and clinical experiences were evident through the cases you presented. I am also very much appreciative of the opportunity to observe you actively and effortlessly practicing what you teach through the chair-side observation session held in your very busy practice.
First, as an innovative educator, you encouraged us to be innovative. Second, you taught us your system and showed us tools in Damon and OBS for us to succeed and duplicate it in each of our own practices. Third, you motivated us to continue to continually improve the system. Personally, I am very grateful and thankful for these three pieces of advice you gave to us[...].

John K.S. Tong, DDS, MAGD
Cupertino, California USA